Globant Launches StarMeUp™ OS, an Operating System to Digitally Transform Organizations
Globant's StarMeUp™ OS is designed to create smarter organizations, driving cultural change through employee empowerment, meaningful social interactions and artificial intelligence.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --  Globant, (NYSE: GLOB), a digital native company that offers innovative technology services, today announces its StarMeUp™ OS offering, an operating system made up of smart applications built to help organizations with cultural change driving a digital transformation. The goal of the StarMeUp™ OS is to overcome inherently human and organizational limitations, creating a space with a reinforced social tissue, generating a richer experience and empowering employees to make even more significant contributions.

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StarMeUp™ OS suite comprises of five solutions: StarMeUp™, BetterMe™, BeThere™, TakePart™ and BriefMe™. Already used by dozens of organizations around the world, it enables management of soft aspects, bringing visibility to everyday actions, reinforcing and aligning good behaviors.

Grupo Santander, Havas Media and Meliá Hotels International are only some of the multinationals who have adopted this platform.

StarMeUp™ OS takes advantage of micro-moments and mobility to drive a large amount of interactions that help the organization be smarter. The five solutions within this OS include:

  • StarMeUp™ is a peer-to-peer recognition platform that strengthens the corporate culture and reinforces organizational values. For business leaders, it provides valuable insights in real time that allow them to identify employees that are key, positive influencers within their organization. Such data enables companies to gain a more accurate and measurable view of their organizational network dynamics.
  • BetterMe™ allows employees to share real-time feedback with anyone within the organization, regardless of geographic location, department or level. For people managers, this provides an ongoing view of performance and continual opportunities for improvement. 
  • BeThere™ empowers employees to share their experiences with colleagues by providing them with a platform to share photos of significant moments and events. This allows employees to stay connected and informed in an engaging way, no matter where they are in the world, bringing down silos and geographic barriers. 
  • TakePart™ is a space for employees to suggest and vote on new ideas that lead to more dynamic organizational changes - involving employees in organizational transformation. 
  • BriefMe™ is a platform ideal for communications teams to get the most critical information to employees at the right time through strategically located screens.

"We created StarMeUp™ OS to help companies successfully go through their digital transformation – a transformation that involves a complete rewiring of how things get done, and how everyone participates. We need organizations that are more like living organisms," said Guibert Englebienne, CTO and co-founder of Globant. "By fostering a culture that puts employees at the center of change, organizations build a space in which their teams feel empowered, and collaboration and knowledge sharing are inherently improved."

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