Globant Unveils Brand Measurement Elements for a Frictionless Consumer Experience
New "Sentinel Report" Explores How Brands Can Provide Optimized Solutions in the Digital Age

NEW YORK, Dec. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a new-breed of technology services provider focused on delivering innovative software, today unveiled its approach to measuring the level of friction that a product or service imposes upon a user. As Globant defines it, a frictionless experience is a series of events that help the user obtain effective results through minimum effort and positive interactions. Globant's approach includes five elements for measuring friction.

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These insights are presented in the fourth edition of the Sentinel Report – a quarterly analysis on global market trends and consumer behavior insights and their application to various industries, including retail, transportation, healthcare and financial/banking.

The five elements that identify the anatomy of a frictionless experience  have been derived from behavioral observation, neuroscience principles, ergonomics, and product evolution practices, and include:

  • COGNITION: The amount of mental and motor effort that a user needs to take in order to complete a single task. Experiences with good levels of cognition will allow the user to achieve a result with only the most necessary actions, meaning there will not be irrelevant information, repetitive steps or unnecessary interruptions.
  • EMOTION: The level of alignment of the emotions lived by the users to a certain customer journey. Listening to and tapping into the right emotions throughout the customer experience plays a major role in long-term positive relationships, impact and engagement.
  • CONTEXT: The level of awareness and relevancy the interaction has in relation to the circumstances that form its setting. As the Internet of Things expands and location services improve, users' demand for value propositions that are ubiquitous and omnichannel increase.
  • INTELLIGENCE: Leveraging the power of proactive computing that systems use to create more fluid businesses and smart experiences. It is about incorporating cognitive computing to understand, learn, and evolve in order to refine business and operational models by adding new dimensions to discover insights and understand contexts and moods.
  • ADAPTATION: The level of flexibility that an experience presents and the ability to adjust to new behavior based on the evolution of the market and users. In digital journeys, an adaptive trait is one that refers to both the current state when adjusting to multiple needs, and to the processes that enable adaptability.

"Each day we as end users are faced with so many applications, services, and products that are pushing us through a long and winding digital journey. We are forced to take unnecessary steps and to consume irrelevant information," said Martin Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder. "Through improved customer experiences – or digital journeys – we want to start talking about a new reality, one that dares to think about the present with less friction. Where we can interact with smart apps, seamless ecosystems, and products that are aware of our context, needs and even emotions."

Furthermore, the report includes stories and business case studies that show how the frictionless vision has already impacted design, technology, and innovation.

This issue also highlights a map tool, which begins to explore Globant's "frictionless" metrics system, and takes a deeper dive into the future of the retail, healthcare, transportation and banking industries by exploring the "WHAT IFS" – what if we help customers reduce friction in their shopping activity, when travelling, of in-house patient healthcare, of the banking experience.

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