Investors Open Sessions: Understanding the Metaverse
 Friday, March 18, 2022
 10:00am - 11:00am EDT

Join our experts to learn and discuss about the metaverse and how it will drive reinvention across several industries, unlocking new revenue streams and creative potential for brands.


The conversation will focus on specific subjects, including:
- What is the metaverse and how Globant is looking at it?
- What is its market size and applicability across different industries?
- Concrete examples of reinvention through the metaverse

- ​​Kevin Janzen: Managing Director for the Gaming & Metaverse Studios
- Matías Rodriguez: VP of Technology for the Gaming & Metaverse Studios

- César Medina: Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Research

If you are interested to attend, please contact your sales representative or Cesar Medina ( at Morgan Stanley.