Richard Haythornthwaite

Mr. Haythornthwaite has served as the chief executive officer, chairman and senior executive at several U.S. and non-U.S. multinational companies. He currently serves as the non-executive chairman of two publicly-traded companies, Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE: MA) and Centrica plc (LSE: CAN). In addition, he serves as the non-executive chairman of QiO Technologies Ltd, an industrial artificial intelligence company, ARC International Holdings, a global glass tableware manufacturer, and Glass Holdings SA, the parent company of ARC International Holdings. He also serves as an advisory partner at Moelis & Company and as a member of the Bahrain International Advisory Board. Mr. Haythornthwaite received a master’s degree in business management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a Sloan Fellow, and a master’s degree in geology from The Queen’s College, Oxford.