Globant Launches "AI Challenge" for Businesses Leaders, to Award the Most Innovative and Effective Uses of AI
  • The challenge is open to executives and leaders from large, medium and small companies, who can enter by sharing how they would leverage AI to solve a specific business challenge
  • The most creative and original ideas will have the chance to win up to $200,000 USD
  • Participants can submit their AI cases by May 21 at 

NEW YORK, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, has launched a new AI Challenge for businesses leaders to identify the best ideas around how AI can be used to solve pressing industry issues and address real-world business challenges. The winners will have the chance to win up to $200,000 USD.

Contest participants are asked to describe a challenge they are facing and their idea for how they would leverage AI technology to solve it. Challenges can be specific to the company or apply to their industry at large, and can include everything from the personalization of a customer experience to supply chain optimization. Executives and leaders from large and small companies are invited to enter the challenge.

"AI's applications are growing exponentially and we trust in the power of collaborative approaches to identify the best use cases. The most innovative, revolutionary ideas often come from unexpected places and people. As a leading player in the AI scene, Globant will help businesses make their visions a viable reality," said Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer of Globant. "As AI continues to evolve, the technology will undoubtedly play a significant role across all types of organizations by automating tasks, improving time management, enhancing customer relations, and streamlining business processes."

Participants have until Sunday, May 21st at 11:59 p.m. EDT to submit their ideas. A panel of AI experts and top executives from Globant will evaluate every submission and announce a shortlist of candidates, who will then present their ideas virtually to the final jury who will choose the winners.

As a prominent player in the AI industry, Globant aims to contribute to the growing awareness and adoption of AI and its applications worldwide. Over the past decade, the company has harnessed the power of AI, utilizing both self-developed technologies and third-party tools to provide sustainable value to its clients through innovative business and technology solutions. In 2018, Globant published its AI Manifesto, reaffirming its commitment to ethical and responsible AI practices. In 2019, through Globant X, an innovation incubator dedicated to transforming cutting-edge technology into scalable platforms, the company launched Augoor, the first AI-powered navigation tool for code. Other innovative platforms developed by Globant X include MagnifAI, StarMeUp, Walmeric, and GeneXus.

*Prizes may be left unawarded if a minimum number of 8,000 eligible and original submissions have not been received. Prizes will be awarded in cash or in a form of equivalent value, such as cryptocurrencies or other assets, or left unawarded if the minimum number of eligible and original submissions is not reached. To read the full Terms & Conditions of Globant's AI Contest, please click here.

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